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Skip-A-Payment Request

Dominion Energy Credit Union is offering a Skip-A-Payment option for qualified loans.  


• All accounts with Dominion Energy Credit Union are current and in good standing.  

• Loan payments have not been past due by 60 days or greater in the past year.  

• Six (6) full loan payments have been paid on the loan for which the Skip-A-Payment is requested.  

• The loan has a remaining balance of $1,000.00 or greater.  

• One (1) Skip-A-Payment per loan per year is allowed. 

Please check below if you understand and believe your loan meets the qualifications.*

Loan Information

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By signing, the parties agree to the following terms of the Skip-A-Payment:

  • If your loan is paid through payroll deduction, the payment is deposited to your savings account rather than applied to your  loan. It is available for withdrawal when you need it.  
  • When a payment is skipped, finance charges will continue to accrue, and the next monthly payment will include finance  charges from the skipped month.  
  • The maturity date of your loan will be extended for one month, and the skipped payment may result in a larger final  payment on your loan.  
  • Any additional payments resulting from the exercise of the Skip-A-Payment feature may not be covered by GAP.  
  • All other terms and conditions of your loan remain unchanged.
  • The application must be signed by both the borrower and any co-borrowers or guarantors and be received  21 days prior to the payment due date to be considered.
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